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1Meter Heat-shrinkable tube sweat-absorbing belt anti-skid anti-electric pattern handle sleeve for fishing rod/Badminton racket


Anti-slip pattern heat shrinkable tube

The product has the advantages of environmental protection, softness, non-slip, beautiful appearance, fast shrinkage and stable performance.

·Features: Applicable temperature range: -55 ° C -125 ° C;

·Initial shrinkage temperature: 70 ° C, full shrinkage temperature: 110 ° C

· Radial shrinkage ratio: 2:1, longitudinal shrinkage ≤ 8%;

· Tensile strength: 10.4 MPa, elongation at break 200%;

·Environmental protection, soft, anti-slip, beautiful, fast shrinkage; easy to use, can be shrunk with oven, hot air gun and hot water heating;

·Used in high-end fishing tackle, sports equipment, fitness equipment and daily necessities.

·Product color: black, red, yellow, green, blue

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