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2020 Fishing Rod Tape Wrap Of Non-slip Fishing Pole DIY Handle Waterproof Insulation Racket Handle Grip Sweat Absorbing Belt

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1. Made of high-quality environmental protection PU material with the characteristics of anti-slip, breathable and comfortable, has a long life.

2. Designed for fishing rod handle enhances handle feeling by absorbing shock to give you excellent control and feel.

3 This sweatband can make rod handle thicker, it is easy to be used, greatly enhance your grip.

4. After the tape is wrapped up, the handles are comfortable and the design is beautiful.

5. This grip is great not just as fishing rod handle tape but also for any other similar sized rackets or handles, suitable for tennis, badminton, squash racquet, bicycle handlebar and so on.




Applicable length:18-25cm

Model Number:Fishing rod hand anti-slip belt


Package Included:

1x Fishing Rod Handle Tape

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