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2PCS Seer Silicone Handlebar Tape Road Bicycle Wrap Shockproof Sweat Non-slip Belt Cycling Sports Accessories Parts 2019 New



Unmatched feel

●Stylish color and design options

●In all weather condition

●The world priority’s patent(PCT)

Brand: SEER Product

Name: Bicycle Road Belt

Material: Silicone 95g

Monochrome Length: 2130x Width 30x Thickness 3mm

Specifications: put x2 plug x2

Polyurethane color:

White +Red, White+Black, Black +White, Black +Orange,

Black +Yellow, Black+Pink, Black +Red,

• Features: 1 cleanable belt

2 better feel

3 rich colors and superior design concept


• The patented material of the new PU molecular technology gives you an unprecedented touch experience,

comfortable feel, super strong sweat absorption and shock absorption performance, so that riding will bring you more pleasure.

• The latest PCT international patent technology, it is the best choice for the pursuit of high quality cycling enthusiasts

• Unparalleled feel, rich design and color, suitable for any weather.

Why choose us:

1)Strict quality assurance .Perfect paint job.

2)Competitive Factory Price .No Agency Fees .

3)Experienced after-sales service.

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