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5pcs Camouflage Print Anti-slip Badminton Grip Belt Tennis Overgrip Over Grip Sweat Band For Racket Squash


Material: PU+EVA
Color: random color
Size: 11*2.5*0.07cm
Weight: about 70g
Product list: Racket sweatband *5
Function: absorb sweat, slip, comfort, wear
Product features: Imported water-viscous fabric can be effectively anti-slip, built-in high-quality EVA keel strips have good elasticity, and after tying it, there is a raised rib on the spiral, which feels comfortable and soft, effectively absorbs sweat and slips. There are hollow holes in the surface of the hand gel to help discharge sweat.
Scope of application: badminton racket, tennis racket, fishing rod, skipping rope

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