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Dalton Badminton Racket Grip Tape Microfiber PU Material Anti-slip Fishing Rod Is Twined Belt Sweat Absorbing


Brand: Dalton

color: white, green, pink, light blue, fluorescent powder, fluorescent green, red, purple, black, yellow, blue, orange and other multicolor options

multi-color optional, there are requirements to meet as much as possible, if you want more colors, you can choose the color according to the number, write down the color and quantity you need in the note.

“Material” pu material fabric

[Features] smooth sticky flat hand glue can effectively absorb sweat and skid, has good elasticity, feels comfortable and soft, and has bright and bright colors.

[Specification] length 110cm * WIDTH 2.5cm * thickness 0.07

[Use] badminton racket, tennis fear, squash racket, bicycle handle, steering wheel, baseball bat, fishing rod, etc.

Warm Tip: in the process of wrapping sweat-absorbent belts, hand glue should be tightened, otherwise it may spread out in the process of hitting the ball! Sweat absorption belt is a consumable, and it will be stained with sweat and dust after each use. As the use time increases, bacteria will increase.

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