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Men’s Sweat Shirt Slimming Belt Corset Vest Tummy Shaper Corrective Underwear Waist Trainer Binders Body Shapers Shapewear

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* Material: nylon+spandex. Inside is a strong layer of nylon and spandex tightly woven together to flatten your chest and abdomen. Ergonomic fit and tight X-shaped back design shape the body.
* It looks thinner and fits better-this is a body shaping vest that can tighten and contract your abdomen. The comfortable and practical design of our underwear can provide an immediate slimming effect in all kinds of clothing, allowing you to always remind you to lose weight and maintain your figure and build confidence.
* Innovative slim fit-suitable for wearing in any type of clothing, such as fitness shirts, T-shirts, sweaters and formal shirts. Slimming compression is the secret between you and your clothing.
* Shape your chest, waist and abdomen, specifically designed to reduce the appearance of Gynecomastia or “male chest”. It helps back support and posture.

Size Selection:

Optional Color: Black, White
Size: L,XL/2XL,3XL,4XL(Chinese Size,follow the size chart to select please)

Short Sleeve Style Size Information

Size:L Length:64cm Waist:63.3-73.3cm(24.9-28.8inch) Bust:86cm Body Weight:50-55kg
Size:XL Length:66cm Waist:73.3-83.3cm(28.8-32.7inch) Bust:90cm Body Weight:55-65kg
Size:2XL Length:68cm Waist:83.3-93.3cm(32.7-36.7inch) Bust:94cm Body Weight:65-75kg
Size:3XL Length:70cm Waist:93.3-103cm(36.7-40.6inch) Bust:98cm Body Weight:75-90kg
Size:4XL Length:72cm Waist:103-110cm(40.6-43.3inch) Bust:102cm Body Weight:90-105kg

Vest Style Size Information

Size:L Length:61cm Waist:103-110cm(40.6-43.3inch) Bust:82cm Body Weight:90-105kg
Size:XL Length:63cm Waist:73.3-83.3cm(28.8-32.7inch) Bust:86cm Body Weight:55-65kg
Size:2XL Length:65cm Waist:83.3-93.3cm(32.7-36.7inch) Bust:90cm Body Weight:65-75kg
Size:3XL Length:67cm Waist:93.3-103cm(36.7-40.6inch) Bust:94cm Body Weight:75-90kg
Size:4XL Length:69cm Waist:103-110cm(40.6-43.3inch) Bust:98cm Body Weight:90-105kg

* Quality customer service: Please select the size according to your waistline. If you have any questions or size problems with this waist training corset, please feel free to contact us, we guarantee 100% satisfaction, can be exchanged or returned, we will refund you in full.

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