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New camouflage hand glue badminton fishing rod grip non-slip belt baseball bat sweat band

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[Model] camouflage [thickening and widening]
[Craft] color printing process
[Keel] This is a thickened and widened keel hand glue, with a keel strip on the back. After the hand glue is entangled, there is a ridge that protrudes in circles, which feels comfortable.
[Status] It can be wrapped in a flat state, and it can also be wrapped around a keel.
[Material] Imported material + high-quality EVA thickened and widened keel
[Specifications] Length 110cm x width 2.5cm x thickness 2.0mm
[Use] Badminton rackets, tennis rackets, squash rackets, bicycle handlebars, steering wheels, fishing rods, etc.
[Color] Red Yellow Blue Black Purple Green .. Multiple colors available
PS: Sweat bands are consumables, not durable goods. Many friends mistakenly think that they should be durable and resistant to dirt. In fact, otherwise, sweat bands are accessories that are wrapped around feathers or fishing rods that touch the skin. They will be contaminated after each use. Sweat powder is easy to breed bacteria. From the perspective of health, it is recommended to replace the sweat belt regularly.

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