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New Fitness Accessories Ladies Weight Loss Body Sculpting Sweat Belt Sauna Waist Coach Hot Sale


1. Heating fitness aids: made of synthetic fibers, soft, comfortable, cool, sweat adsorption without swelter.
2. Three-dimensional tailoring of comfortable fit: comfortable fabrics fit waist curve, making sports more comfortable, creating a charming waist.
3. Freedom of body-building exercise: sweat and waist-thinning, increase the temperature of subcutaneous fat during exercise, accelerate oxidation and decomposition of fat, achieve the effect of waist-thinning.
4. Soft and high elasticity fabric, moisture absorption and breathability, easy to stick without balling.
5. Zipper pocket design, let you enjoy music while exercising.
6. Ideal for walking, jogging, cycling, aerobics, weightlifting and much more.

Material:Synthetic fibers Item
Type:Waist support
Color:As shown in pictures
Suitable for:Fitness,bodybuilding,gym,weightlifting
Package Included: 1x waist support

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