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Slimming Exercise Waist Sweat Belt Wrap Fat Body Neoprene Cellulite

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It is easy,simple and effective to use!
Proven to help reduce fat and cellulite.
Even wear under clothing to do your normal daily chores.
Start losing inches around your waist and love handles just by wearing the belt during your daily activities or exercise.
It become a fat-burning machine and get slim waist you’ve always wanted.
Ideal for walking, jogging, cycling, aerobics, weightlifting and much more.
Wear while exercising or working.
Made of high grade neoprene bonded to nylon.
Tightness construction and the even protection based on tridimensional sewing technology, maintain the best support during movement conditions.
Similar tension as muscle stretch which leads to nature protection.
Soft, comfortable, cool, sweat adsorption without swelter.
One size fits all
Dimension: about 100 x 19 cm
Color: Blue

Package Includes:
1 × Neoprene slimming waist sweat belt body wrap

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