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Sports Safety Shin Guard Ankle Joint Protector Exercise Compression Sacrum Belt Accessories


1. Using fine fleece material, it is more sweat-absorbent, more elastic, and freely moving than traditional materials
2.Upper and lower double-pressurized silicone strip shock design to protect the cheekbones and reduce knee pressure
3. Four nylon clasp sticks, double bandage perforation, elasticity can be adjusted at will, unisex, suitable for various outdoor/indoor sports. Fully adjustable to make it tighter and provide better compression for the knee
4. Exercise Stand-You can wear our knee support during exercise, such as walking, hiking, horse riding, running and other sports, which will help from knee surgery, arthritis, meniscal tear, anterior cruciate ligament, MCL, LCL, tendonitis
5. Maximum support and mobility-Patented design provide maximum support above the knee and unrestricted movement. The ideal product supports reducing pain and mobility, allowing you to do what you like.

Material:OK cloth, sweat-absorbent cloth, SBR, silicone strip
Size:The upper end is 62cm long, 58cm lower strap, 6.5cm in width

1 piece * Metatarsal knee strap (brand PE bag)

You only need 1 piece, if you need 1 piece = 2 pieces, please choose 2

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