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Sports Waist Trimmer Belt Slim Weight Loss Sweat Band Shapewear Adjustable Lumbar Brace Gym Accessories Weightlifting Training1

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1. This waist support can be easily used in all kinds of sports, including fitness, weightlifting, bodybuilding, etc. to protect your waist and reduce sports injury.
2. Made of high-quality synthetic fibers, which is soft and comfortable, healthy and safe, and will not harm the skin.
3. The belt has the effect of sweating during exercise and can achieve better plastic weight loss.
4. This waist belt is designed according to the curve of the waist, can be more perfectly fitted with the waist, wearing a good effect, so that you enjoy a more relaxed sports experience.
5. This waist support has an upgraded version of the nylon clasp design, so that the waist brace sticker more firmly, repeated use is not easy to pill, increase service life.
Material:Synthetic fibers
Item Type:Braces & Supports
Style:Waist support
Suitable for:Fitness,bodybuilding,gym,weightlifting
Usage:Sports protection, waist support
Package Included:
1x waist support

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