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Sports Waist Trimmer Belt Weight Loss Sweat Band Wrap Fat Tummy Stomach Sauna Sweat Belt Sport Safe Accessories Hot Arrival 2020


Material: polyester fiber
Size: Regular
Product color: Rose Red
Product weight: Type A 0.15kg, Type B 0.16kg, Type C 0.12kg, Type D 0.2kg
Packing list:
Type A sweat protection thigh,
Type B sweat-proof calf support
Type C sweat armguards
D style sweat support waist

Packing list
1: Sports protection, fever and sweating
2: Exercise within 10 minutes of nano-silver coating and sweat for half an hour
3: In the same calorie-loss sports, wearing sweat armguards can release more calorie energy
4: HOOk&LOOP design, easy and fast to adjust yourself
5: easy to carry and exercise anytime and anywhere

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