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Waist Support Elastic Fitness Bodybuilding Brace Weightlifting Belt Sweat Mens Waist Trimmer Waist Trainer Weightlifting Belt

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Due to the different production batches, the color of the edging may be different
Size L: length about 100cm,width about 17cm;suit waist Size XL:length about 115cm,width about 20cm;suit waist – Adjustable magic tape fits most waist shape, you can adjust the suitable size as you need
– Made of SBR CR material, soft, high-elastic and shockproof
– Suitable for cycling, jogging, running, exercise and fitness
① the inside of the waist protection belt has a perforated breathable design, when wearing to exercise, easier to sweat
②the waist protection belt on the edge of the fine and compact, suture tight and strong and be able to bear damage, long-term use is not easy to fall off
③ close to the body, 360 ° surround, breathable and comfortable, convenient wearable

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