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Waist Trimmer Belt Slimming Body Shapers Weight Loss Sweat Band Modeling Strap Corset Wrap Fat Tummy Stomach Sauna Sweat Belt


Material: Neoprene

Product size: S code length 70cm width 20cm / M code length 95cm width 20cm / L code length 110cm width 20cm

Product color: black, rose red, dark blue

Product weight: S: 0.11kg, / M: 0.18kg / L: 0.25KG


1: 3D three-dimensional cutting is designed according to ergonomics and fits the waist.

2: Sports belt, perfect waist shape, fit the waist according to ergonomic design, comfortable and easy to be beautiful

3: Larger HOOk&LOOP can be pasted at will, increased HOOk&LOOP has high viscosity, is not easy to fall off, and can be adjusted according to its own needs.

4: Neoprene combined with mercerized cloth fabric, not easy to pilling, delicate touch, elastic and waterproof.

5: Exquisite edging with firm and thin thread, the edging line is beautiful and firm, the routing is fine and even, fits the skin, and is comfortable and soft.

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