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Waist Trimmer Trainer Belt Weight Loss Premium Neoprene Sport Sweat Workout Slimming Body Shaper Sauna Exercise


Waist Trimmer Trainer Belt Weight Loss Premium Neoprene Sport Sweat Workout Slimming Body Shaper Sauna Exercise

Name: Sweat Belt
Body Material: Rubber
Applicable people: General
Applicable sports: fitness
Application scenarios: fitness equipment, fitness body, sports trends, sports accessories
Product color: random

The best soft cotton fabric makes you crazy-4.0 mm thick neoprene has excellent thermal insulation, can increase your core temperature during exercise, enhance thermogenesis, and make you sweat more in the stomach More, burn more fat. Therefore, this fat burning belt can help you lose weight healthy, and use it regularly during exercise can work effectively. The internal grid surface prevents sliding and movement during any activity.
Instant hourglass graphics-Curved cuts on both sides of the waist are based on natural waist bending, unlike the straight cuts of other trimmers. You can create instant hourglass figures by pulling all sides into your comfortable position. Adjustable straps ensure that the elongated tight bandage is tightly fixed on the abdomen. The external spandex strap enhances the compression force and provides the trainer with more tightness.
Super flexible and comfortable-made of adjustable stretch and durable 99% latex-free neoprene, it is the best neoprene fabric on the market. With this sauna instructor, you can exercise as usual. Special stamping technology and tiny ventilation holes make it comfortable to wear.
Sturdy back support and improved posture-There are 4 flexible acrylic bones on the back, which can effectively support the lower back support. For sedentary office workers, it helps to improve posture and relieve back pain. For fitness girls, it reduces the risk of injuries such as herniated discs and strained lumbar muscles during fitness exercises. Unisex sports belts are suitable for both men and women. The 4 bones are wrapped in thick canvas and will not stab or stab your body.
Enough to cover the abdomen and the abdomen-25 cm wide is suitable for both long and short bodies, and keeps standing while exercising. The waist trimmer belt can also make your baby’s abdomen slack and smooth, helping you look slimmer, ideal for wrapping your belly after pregnancy, postpartum recovery, abdominal surgery, caesarean section, weight loss, weight loss, muscular bodybuilding, weightlifting or strength Lifting, abdominal training, abdominal strain, abdominal control, can be used in work, daily wear, exercise running or sports.

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