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Women\’s Gym Fitness Skid Wide Sports Yoga Headband Sweat Belt Hair Band Stretch Headscarf Hot

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1. Made of high-quality polyester fabric through fine processing, which is quick-drying, sweat absorption and air permeability.
2. Double-layer material, sweat-absorbing lining material, breathable material, breathable sweat-absorbing material.
3. Posterior elastic adjusting band, high elasticity, and no tension will not cause pressure on the head, is a practical sports hairband.
4. The purpose of this headband is to fix the hair and prevent the hair from covering the eyes during the exercise. Wearing it during exercise can give you a pleasant exercise experience.
5. The special slip-proof silicone band can effectively fix the position of the hairband, but also can effectively prevent sweat into the eyes, play a role in perspiration.
6. The appearance of the headband fashionable bright and colorful, not only can be used as a sports hair band, but also as a fashionable decoration.
7. Suitable running, yoga, play balls, cycling, fitness, leisure, and other occasions.

Features:Breathable,comfortable,quick dry,elastic,anit-slip
Suitable for:Yoga,running,fitness,gym,body building,cycling
Pattern Type:Print

Package Included:
1x sports hairband

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